Decide If Rent With Option To Buy is Good Idea in Laguna Niguel !

Rent with option to buy  isn't for everybody. If you need all the money from the sale of your home right away, you're much better off with a regular sale. In addition, the most of  time ,option to buy aren't exercised, so you have to begin the procedure of marketing your home all over again after the lease term.In the rent to buy scenario, the owner has to continue to pay home tax obligations as well as insurance coverage and is normally still liable for major repairs throughout the lease term.Since real estate market is very hot right now ,it would be wise to hire a gent who is familiar with rent with option to buy properties in Laguna Niguel and surronding cities.When you are ready to go forward with rent to own ,contact top real estate agent in Laguna Niguel

Rent With Option To Buy Listings

What is a lease to own home?

A lease purchase contract is a shortened name for lease with option to buy contract. It is a form of real estate buy which combines elements of a traditional rental agreement with an exclusive option of right of first refusal to later purchase the home.

How does rent to own work?

How does rent to own work in Laguna Niguel

Rent to own may also be called Lease to Buy; Renters pay a pre arranged amount each month to live in the property, and at the end of an agreed upon period Renter have the option to buy the home. Each monthly payment they pay is income for the seller, while a portion of it goes toward a down payment to eventually buy the home.

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Properties With Rent With Option To Buy in Laguna Niguel

4 Key Reason For Seller To Consider Rent With Option To Buy

1.Higher sales price, even in a soft market
2.Higher Rent

3.Better tenant

4.Less headache

5.Tax benefit

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